Sometimes, things happen at just the right time. After a long period of nagging my DH about his bursting t-shirt drawer, one day – out of the blue – he decided he didn’t want to wear t-shirts with logos on them anymore. I couldn’t clean out those shirts faster.

If it had happened a few weeks earlier, they would have all gone to the rag bag, or the thrift shop. However, a few days before, I threw out a couple disgusting area rugs (you know how this works – one day it’s fine and the next you can’t have it in your house one more minute), and I was itching to weave a t-shirt loop rug.

A couple of bottles of Rit, and a few hours with my rotary cutter later, I have all the raw materials for a rug. It’s next on the loom after my current project, so stay tuned …

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