New Weaving Adventures

In May, I finally took a class from the wonderful Kathrin Weber of Blazing Shuttles at my favorite yarn store, Yarnorama, in Paige, Texas. What a combination of heavenly company and brain-bursting learning!

We spent three days learning Kathrin’s method of combining hand-dyed warps and different weaving methods to make amazing cloth, then an additional day learning her dyeing method. I walked away with enough inspiration and project ideas for the next year, at least!

The first project on my loom after this workshop was a warp I dyed in class, combined with some linen from my stash. I made three spring-inspired towels and a napkin. I love them and can’t wait to make more.

Next up is a longer warp of Tencel that I dyed in purples and fuschia, which will become two shawls. The longer warp and slippery Tencel will be more of a challenge, but I am learning to walk away from the loom for a few minutes when I feel frustrated, so all is well so far!

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