New in 2022

My theme this year is New in 2022. I’m trying to jump out of the inevitable ruts of living and creating. I’m on the lookout for new things to try, new places to go, and new ways to do old things. Here are a few of my first dips into the pool. I tried some … More New in 2022

Dye Day

I am not a dyer, but I do enjoy a dye class now and then. Still, during the dog days of sheltering in place, there I was. I cleaned out my weaving closet and there was that back corner of dye supplies and a bunch of already prepped yarn. The weather has been mostly perfect … More Dye Day

Puzzle Pieces

Weaving is often like assembling a puzzle. Sometimes I buy yarn strategically, with a project in mind, and sometimes … well … if you love yarn (or fabric) you know the feeling. Sometimes it just calls to you. So, every now and then (ahem, when I am in danger of running out of closet space), … More Puzzle Pieces

Before and After

I’ve been playing with dissimilar yarns and how they combine to make fabric collapse in areas. This effect can create anything from a super-elegant, slinky fabric, to a fun and funky one, depending on the design. Credit again goes to Jane Stafford and her wonderful online guild for the instruction and inspiration for these projects. … More Before and After


On my adventure with Jane Stafford’s Online Guild, I did some weft-faced weaving. This is weaving where the warp yarns are spread out enough that the weft (the yarn on the shuttle that goes back and forth) completely covers the warp and the only thing you see is the fringe. I wove seventeen mug rugs/coasters. … More Weft-Faced

Dog Days Weaving

How many days over 100 degrees are we at now? Nineteen? Twenty? I’ve lost track. They say we will have a “cold front” for Labor Day weekend, and by that I think they mean a little bit of rain and a high around 90. Hey, I’ll take it, and so will my crunchy, crunchy lawn, … More Dog Days Weaving


Sometimes, unconventional spaces in fabric add to its interest and drape. Here are a few things I’ve made lately. A cotton infinity scarf . A super-wooly scarf made with mohair, alpaca, and a yak-silk blend. (Note to self – no more mohair singles as warp!) A cotton and silk scarf with three different spacings, a … More Spaces

There Went November

Thanksgiving was a whirl of food and friends. Adult children have their own lives and plans, so the last few years, we have taken to the “Friendsgiving” tradition that my parents raised me on. Mom and Dad had a core group of friends who were there every year. Everyone knew who brought pies, who made … More There Went November