On my adventure with Jane Stafford’s Online Guild, I did some weft-faced weaving. This is weaving where the warp yarns are spread out enough that the weft (the yarn on the shuttle that goes back and forth) completely covers the warp and the only thing you see is the fringe. I wove seventeen mug rugs/coasters.

I’m happy with the result and I sold the majority of them and donated the remainder for a silent auction. It was fun to do seventeen little experiments in color, but the weaving is extremely slow.

I started out weaving with Harrisville Shetland, a fine wool with a nice squishy hand. It packed into the five ends per inch warp beautifully, and made some pretty designs — fun, but such slow weaving!

Next, I dug through my stash of hand-spun wool and found lots of colorful bits that would take up a little more space and make the weaving go faster.

I combined the Harrisville and hand-spun and made more designs and faster progress.

Then, project fatigue and dreams of the next fun thing overtook me, and I made a few with just the hand-spun. I like those, also.

Overall, it was a worthy exercise that won’t be a regular part of my repertoire any time soon!

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