Dog Days Weaving

How many days over 100 degrees are we at now? Nineteen? Twenty? I’ve lost track. They say we will have a “cold front” for Labor Day weekend, and by that I think they mean a little bit of rain and a high around 90. Hey, I’ll take it, and so will my crunchy, crunchy lawn, but Texas weather is nothing if not disappointing this time of year, so no chicken-counting here.

While temperatures are high and inspiration is low, weaving towels is always comforting and productive. I had a request for greens a while back and I tried my hand at some more subdued tones – a bit out of the box for me.

Here’s what I made.

Now I’m working up to touching some alpaca/silk for my next project, but pulling myself away from cool cotton will be a challenge. Bring on the cold front.

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