A Class and a Celebration

I recently had the good fortune to study deflected double weave with Lisa Hall of Plainweave.net. She’s a fabulous teacher and if you are a weaver and have the opportunity to study with her, do it — you won’t regret it.

Deflected double weave is such an interesting structure — stable, intricate, versatile. It is beautiful as a lightweight bamboo scarf, or as heavy-duty dish towels.

Here is a scarf I wove in class. The lavender is 8/2 Tencel, and the green/blue is a combination of alpaca/silk and Zephyr (merino/silk).

The two fabrics are woven in such a way that when released from the tension of the loom, they slide under one another, subtly changing shape (deflecting), creating beautiful, layered designs. It’s inspiring and addictive to weave!

Here is a table runner and some towels that I wove in 8/2 cotton when I got home.

And where can you purchase these, you ask? Why at the Yarnorama 11th Anniversary Party this Saturday (March 30)! I’m joining my She Creates Union pals for a trunk show, and I’ll have these items, along with a few more for sale. Susan and John always put on a fun celebration, so if you are in the vicinity of Paige, Texas, or up for a road trip (the bluebonnets are gorgeous out our way!), please stop by to visit and congratulate them.

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