Before and After

I’ve been playing with dissimilar yarns and how they combine to make fabric collapse in areas. This effect can create anything from a super-elegant, slinky fabric, to a fun and funky one, depending on the design. Credit again goes to Jane Stafford and her wonderful online guild for the instruction and inspiration for these projects.

The finishing step is always important in a weaving project. It’s what turns a lot of yarn into cohesive fabric. For collapse weaves, this is especially true. One fabric shrinks and one is stable after the wash, and that’s where the “collapse” happens.

My first attempt was combining silk and a silk/alpaca blend. I aggressively hand washed this piece in the beginning and didn’t achieve as much collapse as I would have liked, but still thought it was a nice scarf.

Here’s what it looked like after the first wash.

I decided to do some more experimenting with cotton and wool. This time, I ran the scarves through the washer and dryer, rather than giving them the “gentle” treatment. I got a much better collapse effect. Here is what they looked like right off the loom.

And here are the collapsed versions.

Fun, right?

Emboldened by my success, I ran the first scarf through a gentle wash and short dry cycle, and voila! I’m so much happier with the collapse.

Finishing is an important part of the weaving fun. Experimenting is essential. Be brave, y’all!

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