Puzzle Pieces

Weaving is often like assembling a puzzle.

Sometimes I buy yarn strategically, with a project in mind, and sometimes … well … if you love yarn (or fabric) you know the feeling. Sometimes it just calls to you.

So, every now and then (ahem, when I am in danger of running out of closet space), I pull everything out and see what projects I can put together with the stash.

My friend Susan, who owns Yarnorama in Paige, Texas, gave me this gorgeous pink silk warp a while back. Little did I know that I already had the perfect weft – silk that I spun from some beautiful hand dyed Tussah silk fiber from Huckleberry Fiber a few years back. I wove a stabilized basketweave that worked beautifully with the two harmonizing yarns.

The garden bunny is feeling blissfully stylish in this plaited twill scarf of blended sock yarns – more beautiful colors by Susan Fricks of Yarnorama. (Strickler #358 for you weavers.)

I’d like to report that I’ve made a dent in my stash, but this is just a speck of it. You’ll be seeing more soon!

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