Dye Day

I am not a dyer, but I do enjoy a dye class now and then. Still, during the dog days of sheltering in place, there I was. I cleaned out my weaving closet and there was that back corner of dye supplies and a bunch of already prepped yarn. The weather has been mostly perfect lately, so I dove in.

I dyed three cotton warps, two skeins of chenille, and some fabric pieces.

I space-dyed the warps and chenille by laying them out flat and pouring the dye over them.

Above, forty wine coasters I found in my late mother-in-law’s linens, soaking in a bucket of blue.

Below, a pillowcase soaking in a bucket of yellow.

Above, dyed warps wrapped in plastic, warming in the Texas sun.

Below, the yarn stayed wrapped up overnight, and was washed and put out to dry the next day.

Below, I’m not sure what I will do with these little coasters, but I sure do like the way they turned out!

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