Huck Towels

I finished these huck lace towels before the holiday and have already sold or gifted all of them. They were fun to weave and such a learning experience for me. I wove most of them at 18 ends per inch and one (the yellow one) at 20 ends per inch, just so I could see the difference. I love them both in different ways. The pattern pops more at 20, but the drape is fantastic at 18.

Also, I goofed up the threading on the first (blue) towel, so I learned how to make a heddle and insert it into my threading to fix an error! So much learning to be had with my mistakes, as always.HuckTowels

I would love to do this again with a little more complex design, now that I have a better understanding of how lace works. As a matter of fact, I have a commercial towel that I bought specifically because I loved the design of it. So that’s in my sketch book for a future project.

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