I’ve been working my way through Season 2 of Jane Stafford’s online guild. (www.janestaffordtextiles.com/online-guild/). If you’re a weaver, I encourage you to join! She’s a brilliant and experienced weaver, and generous with her knowledge. And such a bargain at $75 Canadian (which came out to about $62 US, when I signed up).


One of the things I recently learned how to do from her is hold up to FIVE threads at a time when warping. There are many great color and weave patterns that you can do with that – just plug it into Pinterest and go crazy. But my new favorite thing is good old plain weave with random colors. It’s a great way to empty cones and so beautiful! I emptied seven partial cones in the warp for these towels, and a few more while weaving. Here, I held three colors at a time and switched one or two out when I felt like it, or when I ran out. Then, I wove each towel with a single color of cotton boucle. BOOM! Gorgeous and easy.

And by the way, warping while holding five threads is tricky! I can do it, but three is my max for now.

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