Zipper Bags

I have many plans to “make something” out of the cloth I weave. Like most weavers, I make a lot of towels, scarves, and shawls. (And I love it!) Recently, I’ve made several pieces of yardage with the intent for more creative endeavors. So, this week I lined up several pieces of woven yardage, dug through my stash of quilting fat quarters, and made some zipper bags.

Even though I’ve been sewing for most of my life, getting the “sandwich” layers of a lined zipper bag organized correctly still baffles me, so I follow instructions. There are lots out there, but this is what I followed this time: . Her directions and pictures are clear and there’s not a lot of extra detail I don’t need.

Here are the bags. First, a set from the same warp, woven with the intent of sewing bags.

And these, woven from leftover ends of towel warps.

Next up, I’m sewing myself a top!

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