Sewing Week

I spent a week making things out of the piles of woven yardage I’ve accumulated over the years. First up – a top.

This is New Look 6483, which has five easy, 1-hour tops. It’s a great pattern to own if you are looking for basic tops that don’t require a lot of cutting (highly desirable when using handwoven fabric). This top has a little waist shaping and bust darts. I left out the neck and arm facings for this version and it was a fast make.

Next, I made a bag for my adorable 4-shaft loom – the Louet Erica that came out late last year. I love this little loom, and the way it folds makes it so easy to haul to classes, retreats, or just over to a friend’s place for some communal weaving time.

The top is my class warp from the Kathrin Weber Blazing Shuttles seminar I took last year. The bottom is some of my early hand spinning that I wove into The Stiffest Scarf in the Universe on my rigid heddle loom when I first started weaving. The scarf was unwearable, but I love the colors so much, I knew I’d find a use for it one day!

It’s quite satisfying to see that pile getting smaller as I figure out new projects for this woven fabric.

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