Fall Show Recap

I’ve had some fun with my first vending experiences in the last month. First up was Hogeye Festival right here in Elgin, Texas, on October 27. I shared a booth with a few of my She Creates Union pals. It was a first for the three of us who staffed the booth that day, and we had a great time!

Here’s what we looked like that day.

Next, I traveled to Lindale, Texas with my friend Maxine of Knitting Buddha to help her with her booth, sell some woven items, and hang out with the fiber tribe at the East Texas Fiber Festival. Since the venue was a “pavilion,” (unheated brick structure with cement floors and giant barn doors that remained at least partially open all day), the north Texas cold front that hit that week kept most of us shivering, but almost certainly helped with the wool sales!

Maxine’s gorgeous hand-spun yarn was the backdrop for a plethora of Instagram posts that weekend.

Don’t you just love how Buddha glows in the sunlight?

On to the holidays!

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