There Went November

Thanksgiving was a whirl of food and friends. Adult children have their own lives and plans, so the last few years, we have taken to the “Friendsgiving” tradition that my parents raised me on. Mom and Dad had a core group of friends who were there every year. Everyone knew who brought pies, who made … More There Went November

Fall Show Recap

I’ve had some fun with my first vending experiences in the last month. First up was Hogeye Festival right here in Elgin, Texas, on October 27. I shared a booth with a few of my She Creates Union pals. It was a first for the three of us who staffed the booth that day, and … More Fall Show Recap

And I’m Off…

I’m packing my bags to drive to Houston to meet up with my friend Maxine (KnittingBuddha, and Instagram @knittingbuddha). Later today, we are off to East Texas Fiber Festival in Lindale, Texas. Here’s the link, if you’re free this weekend and up for a road trip. Maxine is an expert spinner and her booth is always a … More And I’m Off…

Zoom In

A piece of handwoven fabric is a beautiful thing. But have you looked at one up close? Up really close? I’ve had a lot of fun taking pictures of little chunks of weaving lately. It’s all plain weave – over one, under one – but the colors always amaze me. They say the devil is … More Zoom In

My Friend Fibonacci

I’ve been having fun playing with Fibonacci numbers lately. The number sequence, where each number is the sum of the prior two numbers (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, etc.), occurs commonly in nature, usually as a spiral shaped like this … Think about pine cones, flower blossom whorls, and seashells. It’s a pleasing … More My Friend Fibonacci


Remember those t-shirt loops? I finally made a rug for the guest room out of them, and it was mostly fun. I beat each pick twice, pressing hard with the reed, and every six or eight rows, I stopped and packed the whole thing in tighter with a fork. They actually make a tool for … More Rug